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Welcome home, dear old friend.

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Hello, sadness. How are you, old friend?

Have a seat.

Well, you grew up… I’m such a mess, as always.  I wither, even more.

Did you see it? The sun is gone.  Only clouds in the sky for now.

How long, huh? And I never thought I’d find you again. How long you will stay this time? You need a place to stay? Yes, you can stay a while… but please, don’t mind the mess… oh, and be careful, I’ve been spreading traps around the house.

Remember last time? You left me right here, sitting in the same place… And here I am. Again. Afraid. Fucked up. Looking for the exits on a tangent, looking for a hand to hold or a strong drink.

Well, I guess it’s me and you now, right?
“Everyone has a dark cloud, a storm coming. “

Sobre Amanda

Uma atriz com um leão a rugir no peito.

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